Believing that the future of our nation depends in large part on the character and integrity of our leaders, Dr. Kennedy and the board of directors of the Center for Christian Statesmanship established an annual award to promote faith, virtue, and excellence in public service.

The Distinguished Christian Statesman Award is an honor that represents the ideals of service to God and country. A Christian Statesman is a man or woman whose life is governed by a bedrock set of principles over which they will not compromise for personal or political gain. A Christian Statesman is a person whose commitment to Christ and love of country compels him or her to stand for truth and righteousness in government. A Christian Statesman recognizes that public service is a high calling – a ministry ordained by God (Romans 13:4) – and that they will one day render an account to God for that service. In short, a Christian Statesman is a person who fears God more than men.

The Distinguished Christian Statesman award was created to recognize men and women who endeavor to live out their Christian faith in public life.  True Christian statesmanship is revealed in that person whose commitment to Christ and love for country compels him or her to stand for truth and righteousness in government, upholding those principles that exalt rather than debase the nation. Such persons live their lives guided by a Christian world and life view, which acknowledges the sovereignty of God and compels them to make their life count for the kingdom of Christ.

Each year the Board of Directors prayerfully selects a recipient whose public service and private life upholds these ideals. Since the inception of the award in 1996, an annual reception or dinner is held to recognize the recipient.

Throughout America’s history; God has raised up men and women to serve as Christian Statesmen. Their moral strength and reliance on God’s providential care guided our great nation during its founding era. Their dedicated service has sustained us during crises of civil war, world war, depression, poverty, and racial division. As America moves forward, it is our prayer that God will raise up a new generation of Christian Statesmen and that through them He will continue to secure the blessings of liberty for generations to come.

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Past Award Recipients

2022 – Lt. Governor Winsome Earle-Sears

2021 – Rep Vicki Hartzler

2020 – Rep. Bob McEwen

2019 – Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

2018 – Senator James M. Inhofe

2017 – Rep. Mark Meadows

2016 – Governor Matt Bevin

2015 – James Lankford

2014 – The Honorable John Boozman

2013 – Governor Mike Huckabee

2012 – The Honorable Joseph R. Pitts

2011 – Rep. Trent Franks

2010 – Rep. Robert B. Aderholt

2009 – Rep. Randy Forbes

2008 – The Honorable Mike Pence

2007 – Rep. Todd Akin

2006 – Rep. Mike McIntyre

2005 – Rep. Marilyn Musgrave

2004 – Rep. John Hostettler

2003 – The Honorable Kay Coles James

2002 – Rep. Tom DeLay

2001 – Rep. J.C. Watts

2000 – Senator Sam Brownback

1999 – Majority Leader Dick Armey

1998 – Senator Dan Coats

1997 – Chief Justice Roy Moore

1996 – Senator John Ashcroft