Leadership Fellows FAQs

What is the principal benefit from this training?

In a word: preparation. Preparation for leadership service in the rough and tumble of the public policy arena. But the training of the Kennedy Center for Christian Leadership is like no other. Focusing on the knowledge base, skill set, and strategic planning needed to succeed in public life, Leadership Fellows receive their training from a distinguished visiting faculty and interact with elected officials at the highest levels of government in Washington, DC.

Who will be participating in the training?

Individuals with a strong sense of calling to leadership service in government or elsewhere in the public policy arena. Those with a holy ambition to attain the highest position of influence the Lord will give them and who are ready and willing to undertake the systematic and comprehensive training needed to prepare for such service.

Is the training only for Christians?

Yes. The Leadership Fellows training is based upon the bedrock foundation of a thoroughly Biblical worldview and seeks to equip a generation of Christian leaders for leadership service in government and the public policy arena. As such it is inappropriate for others.

Is any specific level of education or work experience required to participate in the training?

While each Leadership Fellow applicant will be evaluated individually, and no one will be excluded from consideration based solely on education or work experience, a college degree and five or more years of work experience is an indication of a level of maturity and personal commitment necessary for success.

How do I apply?

If you have a clear sense of calling to service in the public policy arena, you may complete and submit an application here.  Such application does not mean automatic acceptance. This is a “by invitation only” program.  After submitting your application, you will be contacted for a personal interview and asked to submit references.

When will I know whether or not I've been accepted?

After submission of your application, completion of your personal interview, and a review of your references, a decision will be made promptly—in no case longer than two weeks.

How much does the training cost?

The Leadership Fellow Training Fee is $16,000 and is inclusive of all expenses related to 18 full days of training in Washington, DC, including: 1) lodging; 2) meals; 3) meeting facilities; 4) training materials; and 5) special events and event-related transportation. The only onsite expenses Fellows will have are transportation to and from Washington, DC, ground transportation to and from airports or train stations, and personal incidental expenses.

When will I get my books and training materials?

Leadership Fellows will receive some books and training materials in advance, where prior preparation is needed. Other materials will be provided onsite.

Are tuition payment plans available?

For applicants accepted into the training within 60 days of the start of a training session, the full Leadership Fellow Training Fee is due immediately. For other advance registrations, admitted applicants must pay $6,125 upon acceptance into the program, with the remaining balance of $6,125 due 30 days before the training commences.

Is my tuition refundable if I cannot attend?

No. Tuition is not refundable due to contractual commitments required to secure meeting space, lodging, meals, faculty, speakers, and other costs associated with the training.

Can someone else be sent in my place, if I cannot attend?

A substitute will be accepted, only if the Kennedy Center for Christian Leadership determines (at its sole discretion) that the proffered substitute is likely to have been admitted to the training on his or her own merit.

What payment methods are accepted?

Applicants accepted into the training may pay by personal or business check or by credit card.

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are not available.

Do you offer discounts for multiple people from one organization attending?

We offer a 10 percent discount, if two or more individuals from one organization, ministry or company attend.

Do I have to pay the full tuition, if I am going to miss some of my training?

Yes. Tuition is based upon the cost associated with providing the training as a whole. When a Fellow withdraws from the training or misses some of the training, we are still financially obligated to pay all costs, as if the Fellow were present.

Do you offer college credit or a Certificate of Completion?

We do not offer college credit. This is not an academic training program; it is a leadership development program. You will receive a certificate of completion, but this is not an academic credential.

Can I make up days I miss by going to another training session?

Due to the group dynamics that develop within each training cohort, this is not generally permitted. In the rare special circumstance where an exception is made, the absent student must undertake the additional expense of securing their own meals and lodging to join another scheduled training session.

Are there make-up sessions or material, if I miss part of my training?

There are no make-up sessions, but you should read the section of your training materials related to the time you missed and contact someone in the training to learn what took place. In the event of missing a portion of Week Two (the skill set training), there is no way to make up the missed training.

Who conducts the training sessions?

With over 50 combined years of service on Capitol Hill, the senior leadership team of the

Center for Christian Leadership comprises former members of Congress, heads of public

policy organizations, and leadership specialists. This leadership team is joined by a Distinguished group of Senior Fellows and Visiting Faculty & Speakers who conduct the leadership training. Faculty biographies are available here.

When are the training sessions held?

The Training Schedule can be viewed here.

Where is the training held, and at what hotel will I be staying?

The headquarters hotel for the training and lodging is the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel, located in close proximity to both Gallery Place and Capitol Hill. Training sessions will be held at the hotel and at other off-site venues, as appropriate.

What materials are required for the training?

All training materials are included in the training fee and will be mailed to you in advance or provided onsite.

Training postponement and cancellation.

Although highly unlikely, the Center for Christian Leadership ("CCL") reserves the right to postpone, cancel or otherwise change any training program schedule prior to the beginning of its first week. At no time is CCL responsible for training students' travel or incidental expenses. CCL reserves the right to substitute training staff whenever necessary without obligation to students enrolled in the training program.