Day One & Day Two: A Foundational Biblical Worldview

Upon completion of this training, Leadership Fellows will be prepared to articulate a Biblical worldview using winsome, tested arguments that people find persuasive, regardless of their personal spiritual convictions. As God’s special revelation to humanity, the Bible is the authoritative source on how we ought to live personally and in society. In a rapidly-changing world of moral ambiguity, a worldview based on the Bible orients us to the truth and shows the way to human flourishing. Men and women trained in this approach become wise, persuasive, desirable candidates for elected office. This training approach focuses on an in-depth, yet practical, understanding of a Biblical worldview, as well as insights into how false worldviews operate. This Biblical framework enables trainees to accurately identify and address today’s hot button issues, as well as to dissect and address new issues as they arise. Like the Biblical tribe of Issachar, we can understand the times and know what our nation ought to do. Fellows will learn not only how to make arguments that appeal to an accurate understanding of God (theology), but also appeal to the real world (philosophy), what’s right (ethics), what makes sense (science), what nourishes people (psychology), what builds community (sociology), what advances justice (law), what keeps government in its proper place (politics), what inspires innovation (economics), and what keeps faith with the past and promotes the interests of future generations (history).

Faculty & speakers: Dr. Jeff Myers (Summit Ministries); Dr. Os Guinness (Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics); Mrs. Janet Parshall (Moody Radio); Dr. Frank Turek (CrossExamined.org).

Day Three & Day Four: The United States Constitution: Principles & Application

The level of civic literacy – the understanding of civic institutions and their respective lawful authority – in the United States of America is at an all-time low. Nowhere is this widespread ignorance more pronounced than in the lack of knowledge about the Constitution and the principles that are foundational to it, including those of a Biblical nature.  It should come as no surprise to us that the many candidates from the general population seeking elected office also are woefully unfamiliar with the important principles and the practical application of our nation’s foundational law. This is especially troubling in that the Constitution’s framers established a profound governing standard for legislative, executive, and judicial officeholders on the federal and state level.  That standard is seen in the Constitution’s requirement that all officeholders shall be bound by oath or affirmation to support the Constitution. Both reason and experience show that elected officials who lack a thorough understanding of the Constitution are taking an oath before God to do something they are ill-equipped to accomplish. Leadership Fellows by contrast will receive extensive training and insight into Constitutional principles, as well as the practical application of Constitutional provisions.

Faculty & speakers: The Honorable John Hostettler (D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship); Dr. Daniel Dreisbach (American University); Dr. Robert George (Princeton University); Mr. Craig Parshall (American Center for Law & Justice).

Day Five: Biblical Basis for Economics & Public Policy Fallacies

The practical outworking of a Biblical and Constitutional worldview faces some of its greatest challenges in the myriad economic and financial issues confronting policymakers on an almost daily basis. Leadership Fellows will consider important Biblical principles governing economic activity including: the stewardship principle, the work-reward principle, the Biblically-defined role of government, the Biblical view of economic justice, and the Biblical view of economic prosperity. From this foundation Fellows will study economic fallacies that dramatically (and erroneously) influence public policy questions—generally producing adverse effects and of course resulting in the ever-expansive tendencies of the federal government. Fallacies examined include those related to: wealth creation; supply and demand; public works; taxation; credit; employment; trade; and inflation.

Faculty & speakers: Dr. Frank Wright (Coral Ridge Ministries Media); Dr. E. Calvin Beisner (Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation); the Honorable Becky Norton Dunlop (Heritage Foundation).

Policy Briefings

Human Life

The Bible teaches the sanctity of human life based upon our being created in the image of God. When the U.S. Supreme Court decriminalized all state laws on abortion in its infamous Roe vs. Wade decision, the inescapable logic of the high court’s erroneous reasoning birthed a culture of death, with a general lack of regard for any human life. The practice of abortion and the increasing acceptance of assisted suicide and euthanasia are all consequences denying the reality of the image of God in humanity. Leadership Fellows learn how to respond to proponents of these practices from a Biblical and Constitutional perspective.

Faculty & speakers:  Mr. Bradley Mattes (Life Issues Institute); Mr. David Gibbs, III (National Center for Life & Liberty); Mrs. Janet Parshall (Moody Radio).


Marriage & Gender Identity

Dr. D. James Kennedy well noted: “Before the state, before the Church, God created the oldest institution on this planet, and that is the institution of marriage.  It is the oldest and the most universal of all of God’s institutions.” Marriage remains the foundational institution of all human society. Yet, marriage in our day seems under attack from every quarter, with profound consequences for the future of human society. In the same way, of all the indicators pointing to our cultural disconnect from truth, the astonishing emergence of perplexing and confusing notions of gender identity is perhaps the most profound. Nowhere is mankind’s separation from the Creator more evident than in this headlong flight from biological reality. Leadership Fellows learn the Biblical and cultural arguments for responding to these issues.

Faculty & speakers: Dr. Ryan T. Anderson (Heritage Foundation); Bishop Harry Jackson (High Impact Leadership Coalition); Dr. Jerry Newcombe (D. James Kennedy Ministries); Mrs. Sandy Rios (American Family Association).

Day One: Speaking: Presentation & Skills

In these sessions Leadership Fellows will learn effective and one-of-a-kind presentation skills that will have a real and immediate effect on their ability to effectively communicate important ideas. Skills developed and exercises provided will include: 1) organizing a message; 2) delivery techniques; 3) extemporaneous speaking; 4) effective storytelling; and 5) responding to questions and challenges.

Faculty & speakers: Mrs. Karen Kalutz leads a faculty comprising talented and experienced instructors from the world-renowned Buckley School of Public Speaking, which is recognized as the premier public speaking and presentation school for business executives, policymakers, and professionals.

Day Two: Debate Skills

Leadership Fellows continue their communications training on Day Two, focusing on debate skills. Incorporating lessons from the previous day, teams will debate a chosen issue, receiving small group, individualized coaching. Skills developed will include: 1) writing and editing to achieve a tight, compelling message; 2) delivery techniques to maximize each person’s platform strengths; 3) developing arguments and counterarguments; and 4) practice in anticipating and fielding challenges.

Faculty & speakers: Mrs. Karen Kalutz leads a faculty comprising talented and experienced instructors from the world-renowned Buckley School of Public Speaking, which is recognized as the premier public speaking and presentation school for business executives, policymakers, and professionals.

Day Three: Media Relations

Leadership Fellows receive crucial training in how to engage with news media in standard interviews, press conferences, ambush interviews and media crises. Fellows will learn how to prepare for a media interview, how to conduct a press conference, and how to handle ambush interviews. They will see firsthand how these challenges were handled effectively and ineffectively by others. Each Fellow will participate in two taped media interviews in front of their companion Fellows. They will learn how to appropriately and professionally deal with each of these situations in light of current events.

Faculty & speakers: Mr. Scott Hogenson and colleagues of Hogenson Communications, an affiliate of the Buckley School of Public Speaking.

Day Four & Day Five: Negotiation

Based on principles developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project and by Roger Fisher, co-author of the bestseller book Getting to Yes, MWI’s Negotiation Skills Workshop is designed to build each Leadership Fellow’s capacity to negotiate effectively, producing better outcomes for all parties while enhancing long-term working relationships. This program is delivered as a blended learning experience, utilizing online diagnostic tools in advance and following-up with instructional emails after the classroom sessions.  This training program is designed to: 1) stimulate participants’ awareness of the complexities and the current approaches to negotiation; 2) equip students with a framework for understanding, diagnosing and leading the interest-based negotiation process; 3) enhance students’ skills through hands-on experience and feedback; and 4) provide participants with ongoing tools, support, and reinforcement—creating a process for continued improvement and learning.

Faculty & speakers: This course is taught by trainers from MWI, a majority of whom have served as lecturers and instructors at the Harvard Negotiation Project at Harvard Law School and have practical experience negotiating with Fortune 500 clients and vendors. Since 1994, MWI has provided negotiation and dispute resolution and services and training to thousands of clients including Analog Devices, BMW North America, Bose, Coca-Cola, CVS Caremark, Eastman Chemical, General Motors, KPMG, Sallie Mae, Rockefeller Foundation, United States Postal Service, and Visa International. 

Policy Briefings

Criminal Justice Reform

“Equal Justice Under Law” are the words written above the entrance to the U.S. Supreme Court. One of the unique attributes of the American Experiment was the Constitutional guarantee of justice. In the United States, 700 out of every 100,000 people are in prison or jail. This is the highest incarceration rate of any nation in the world, with the next closest being Australia, with 152 out of every 100,000 incarcerated. And recidivism rates (defined as re-arrest, re-conviction, and/or re-incarceration) in a recent eight-year study were at an astonishingly high 49 percent, with the majority of those returning to prison within the first two years of release. Leadership Fellows will examine the real fiscal and societal costs of offender rehabilitation and explore solutions leading to an effective government and community response.

Faculty & speakers: Dr. Thomas Kane (National Academy of Public Administration); Dr. Linda Smith (D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship).

Strategic Importance of Israel

Since its independence in 1948, Israel continually occupies a place of strategic prominence in global political, economic, and security affairs. It remains the only politically democratic national government in the Middle East region, as well as being a steadfast ally of the United States. Even with its exceedingly difficult external operating environment, Israel has maintained steady economic growth with an increasingly diverse economic base. On a per capita basis, Israel has the world’s highest concentration of high-technology startups. Its productive infrastructure and innovative technology have opened important and expanding avenues of global trade.

Faculty & speakers: Mr. Craig Parshall (American Center for Law & Justice); The Honorable Gary Bauer (American Values); Ms. Susan Michael (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem).

Day One: The House and Senate

Leadership Fellows receive a high-level overview of how Congress functions day-to-day, the role of conservative operators, and some practical advice on what candidates-elect can expect in their first few days. Specifically they will learn roles and responsibilities of Members of Congress; Leadership roles and elections; duties and responsibilities to the Conference and Leadership Committees; cloture and filibuster, unanimous consent; germaneness and the amendment tree; an overview of the Budget and Appropriations process; the Congressional Budget Act; what the budget covers; authorizing vs appropriating; appropriations basics; surviving as a conservative in Congress; personal office budgets; setting up Congressional offices in Washington, DC and in District and hiring staff.

Faculty & speakersEd Corrigan (Conservative Partnership Institute); Rachel Bovard (Conservative Partnership Institute); Matt Buckham (Conservative Partnership Institute); the Honorable John Hostettler (D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship).

Day Two: America's Christian Heritage and Political Philosophy

Leadership Fellows will examine, compare, and contrast different political philosophies as measured against a political philosophy that is consistent with a Biblical worldview, resting on a foundation comprising sources of authority and legitimacy. It will include a framework for governing that includes personal freedom, justice, property rights, and mechanisms for enforcing laws and regulations and provides the necessary structure for evaluating issues and arriving at precept-based answers.

Faculty & speakers: Mr. William J. Federer (Amerisearch); Dr. Robert George (Princeton University); Dr. George Grant (Kings Meadow Study Center); Dr. Os Guinness (Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics); Dr. Peter Lillback (Providence Forum).

Day Three / Day Four / Day Five: Strategic Application

Leadership Fellows will examine how to use the knowledge base and skill set acquired through the training to advocate and advance a Biblical worldview and a Constitutional framework for government in a partisan political environment. This requires strategic thinking, planning, and a firm grasp of the strategies and tactics of political opponents. Fellows will examine: 1) how to contend for the faith in the marketplace of ideas; 2) how to advance their message in a hostile media environment; 3) how to advance their legislative agenda; 4) how to master the Politics of Opposition; 4) how to use the so-called Rules for Radicals to their own strategic advantage; 5) how to grasp and respond to the operational strategies of Radical Islam; 6) how to uncover and oppose the plans and strategies of Cultural Marxism; and 7) how to order their personal world for cultural engagement.

Faculty & speakers: the Honorable Gary Bauer (American Values); Mr. David Barton (Wallbuilders); Mrs. Shannon Bream (Fox News Channel); Mr. Frank Gaffney (Center for Security Policy); Mr. David Gibbs, III (National Center for Life & Liberty); Dr. George Grant (Kings Meadow Study Center); Mr. Abraham Hamilton, III (American Family Association), the Honorable John Hostettler (D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship); Mr. Robert Knight (Timothy Plan); Dr. Peter Lillback (Providence Forum); Dr. Jerry Newcombe (D. James Kennedy Ministries); Mr. Craig Parshall (American Center for Law & Justice); Mrs. Janet Parshall (Moody Radio); Mr. John Rabe (D. James Kennedy Ministries); Dr. Ralph Reed (Faith & Freedom Coalition); Dr. John Sorensen (Evangelism Explosion International); Dr. Frank Wright (Coral Ridge Ministries Media).