Leadership Fellow Training Fee


The Kennedy Center for Christian Leadership provides systematic leadership training, with a world-class visiting faculty, the extent, quality, and comprehensive nature of which is unavailable in any other setting. All training takes place in Washington, DC, giving Leadership Fellows access to influential leaders and elected officials at the highest levels of government.

Based on market research, comparable leadership training, comprising all the elements provided to Leadership Fellows, cannot be obtained for nearly twice the price—and that would not include all meals and lodging. We are able to provide this training at this all-inclusive price, because we are a non-profit organization with financial support from faithful and visionary ministry partners.

The Leadership Fellow Training Fee is inclusive of all expenses related to 18 full days of training in Washington, DC, including: 1) lodging; 2) meals; 3) meeting facilities; 4) training materials; and 5) special events and event-related transportation. The only onsite expenses Fellows will have are transportation to and from Washington, DC, ground transportation to and from airports or train stations, and personal incidental expenses.

For applicants accepted into the training within 60 days of the start of a training session, the full Leadership Fellow Training Fee is due immediately. For other advance registrations, admitted applicants must pay $8,000 upon acceptance into the program, with the remaining balance of $8,000 due 30 days before the training commences.

For those accepted into the Leadership Fellows Training Program—those having a clear sense of calling to leadership service—the important investment being made of time and resources to prepare for service in the public policy arena marks the beginning of a new journey of faith and service for Christ. May He always be your strength and shield!