Leadership Fellows Training

The training program of the Kennedy Center for Christian Leadership is rich, detailed, and intensive. It is not for the faint of heart. With 15 full days of training, spaced over three weeks, each training week is full, rewarding, and demanding. Attendance is mandatory at all scheduled sessions.

Leadership Fellows arrive on Sunday each week for a special reception and dinner. Classes begin Monday morning and continue throughout the day—sometimes well into the evening, when we have select special dinner speakers and Capitol Hill events. The week-long session concludes at 4 PM on Friday.

Training Schedule

Week One

Day 1: A Foundational Biblical Worldview I
Day 2: A Foundational Biblical Worldview II
Day 3: The U.S. Constitution: Principles & Application I
Day 4: The U.S. Constitution: Principles & Application II
Day 5: Biblical Basis for Economics & Public Policy Fallacies
Policy Briefings: Human Life & Marriage

Week Two

Day 1: Speaking: Presentation & Skills
Day 2: Debate: Strategy & Techniques
Day 3: Media Relations: Strategy, Messaging & Interviews
Day 4: Negotiation: Framework, Skills & Tool I
Day 5: Negotiation: Framework, Skills & Tool II
Policy Briefings: Criminal Justice & Israel

Week Three

Day 1: Political Philosophy & Secular Worldviews
Day 2: Strategic Application I
Day 3: Strategic Application II
Day 4: Strategic Application III
Day 5: Strategic Application IV